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Watch NFL Live Online Without Cable

Now that the NFL season has kicked off, sports-hungry fans who’ve decided to cut the cable cord may be wondering how they can catch all the onscreen action.

CLICK HERE🔴NFL Football Live Stream Online

CLICK HERE🔴NFL Football Live Stream Online

Fortunately, there are more options than ever for streaming National Football League games to your TV, laptop, or phone.

With the right streaming services, you can watch Sunday afternoon games on CBS and Fox, Sunday Night Football on NBC, Monday Night Football on ESPN, and Thursday Night Football, which this year is spread out across Fox, Amazon Prime/Twitch, and the NFL Network.

CLICK HERE🔴NFL Football Live Stream Online

CLICK HERE🔴NFL Football Live Stream Online

And let’s not forget Thanksgiving Day games, Saturday games scheduled for later in the season, and the playoffs leading up to Super Bowl LV on Feb. 7, 2021, in Tampa, Fla.

Figuring out how to watch the NFL online without cable TV can seem overwhelming. But the good news is that in 2020, there are several great options at your fingertips – many of which will let you stream NFL games for free and cheap.

So to help you out, we’ve put together this detailed, step-by-step guide to walk you through the process and connect you with a solution that works best for you. If you’re looking to get to streaming fast, we’ll provide you with some quick info at the beginning, followed by our in-depth guide.

Disclosure: if you click to try out a service, we may get a small referral fee at no additional expense to you. It’s how we are able to pay the bills while we perform our research, test products, and provide you with assistance.

The first month of the 2020-2021 season was canceled, but NFL is back on the menu! Even as controversies are swirling and a national pandemic lockdown has fans blocked out stadiums, options to live stream 2020-2021 NFL games are still readily available. You can stream every 2020-2021 NFL game while in the US or traveling abroad this year using a few key sources and a VPN.

CLICK HERE🔴NFL Football Live Stream Online

CLICK HERE🔴NFL Football Live Stream Online

Note that this guide only recommends official sources for the 2020-2021 NFL season. American football is increasingly popular both inside and outside the US, but access while traveling is not always easy. Many fans turn to illegitimate streaming sources each year. However, most legitimate options can be unblocked with a VPN and allow fans to easily catch most games without turning to websites that may pose a security risk.

A Quick Look at the Best NFL Streaming Service for Most People
For most people, we find that fuboTV is the best solution for watching NFL without cable. The service really does serve as a complete NFL solution for most people, providing the major broadcast networks for Sunday football, as well as ESPN for Monday Night Football, NFL Network for Thursday Night Football, and the option to upgrade and add NFL RedZone for diehard fans.

While it might sound crazy to some fans, there are others who don’t mind watching the games after they air. They’re used to DVRing the action and watching later, skipping over the commercials in the process. If that sounds like you, then we highly recommend NFL Game Pass (free trial).

What is NFL GamePass? For $99 a season, you can stream every single NFL game after it airs. Doesn’t matter if it’s in your market or not. Every single game. Playoffs and Super Bowl are included.

And not only can you replay the full broadcasts, but each game also features a condensed version, which cuts out the non-action in between plays, allowing you to get through an entire game fast, ensuring that you can watch the most NFL action possible in your allotted time.

There’s also coach’s film, extra camera angles, additional NFL programming like Hard Knocks, and more. It’s the service for the most diehard fans!

Try NFL Game Pass free for a week. Or if you’d like more information, read our complete NFL Game Pass review here.

The great thing about cord cutting is that you really do have so many options. As a result, you can mix and match to put together the best setup for you. And while one of the options mentioned above may take care of all your needs, you might find that a combination of one or more works best.

For example, say you live in an area where you can get all your local channels clearly with an antenna. But you really want to watch MNF. Well, you could just watch that one game a week free on your iPad using the NFL app. Or, you could subscribe to the free trial of one of the streaming services like fuboTV to see the individual game you want.

The great thing about it is, when it comes to cutting the cord, you’re not tied to anything. You can try different services, cancel them after you’ve seen the games you want, and then try others. This gives you the ultimate flexibility to watch NFL online without cable TV!

CLICK HERE🔴NFL Football Live Stream Online

CLICK HERE🔴NFL Football Live Stream Online

Watch the NFL on fuboTV
With fuboTV you can watch NFL online on many devices, including streaming players, smart TVs, mobile devices and more. I recommend fuboTV for folks who like to watch a wide variety of sports, because the service does an excellent job of covering just about every type of sport out there, including international coverage.

fuboTV makes for a great way to watch NFL Games online for the 2020 season. fuboTV is a service designed specifically for sports fans, and it’s also a great way to watch NFL playoffs without cable and the Super Bowl thanks to its local channel coverage. Starting at $59.99 per month (but most commonly associated with the $64.99 plan), with no contract, you get 90+ channels that mostly focus on sports (and there’s a free 7-day trial to test out).

Stream NFL Games on HULU + Live TV
$55 per month (with a free 7-day trial) gets you 60+ great TV channels, covering everything from sports to news and entertainment. You’ll get most of the networks you need for NFL (including watching the NFL Draft, NFL Honors Awards, and more), including ESPN, FOX, CBS, NBC, (see local channel lineup here) and local sports networks. On top of that, Hulu includes a massive on-demand library that rivals Netflix, so you can binge-watch all your favorite shows in between football games! I recommend Hulu with Live TV for anyone looking for a complete alternative to cable TV. It covers everything you need to finally cut the cord and still enjoy the sports and shows you crave!

Hulu with Live TV (check out our Hulu Live review) is one of the most popular cable TV alternatives, and one of my personal favorites. It’s a complete entertainment solution, covering both live and on-demand TV, with everything from sports to local news. It also has DVR capabilities, so you can record games to watch later.

For football fans, the service offers a ton of value. Hulu Live TV has the most extensive coverage of local broadcast networks, which are absolutely vital for watching football without cable. It also carries ESPN for MNF. The only network missing is NFL Network, which makes Thursday Night Football tough at the beginning of the season. However, luckily many TNF games are on FOX.

Sling TV – Sunday, Monday, Thursday Night Football on the Cheap
$30 per month (with a free 3-day trial) gets you a package of 30+ channels including ESPN, which covers Monday Night Football. Larger packages are available that cover other NFL networks in some areas. Sling also announced on September 15, 2020 that is has come to an agreement to add both NFL Network and NFL RedZone back to its line up. Additionally, you can access NFL games on FOX and NBC with the Blue package and using your Sling TV login info to authenticate the Fox Sports Go and NBC Sports apps. Sling is a great budget-friendly option for NFL streaming, but it’s not complete since it doesn’t offer CBS.

CLICK HERE🔴NFL Football Live Stream Online

CLICK HERE🔴NFL Football Live Stream Online

Sling TV is a cable TV alternative that is affordable and easy to use. You can add on a cloud DVR service to record games, and offers a few different packages, depending on the number of channels you want. Here is a full Sling TV review if you still have questions after reading the below. Learn more about how to watch NFL on Sling TV here.

Orange Package – Monday Night Football
Monday Night Football – For $30 a month, you can sign up for Sling TV‘s cheapest subscription plan (Orange) and get 30+ live television channels including ESPN without cable (home to Monday Night Football).

Now $30 a month may seem like a lot just for Monday Night Football, but when you add in all the extra stuff you get it becomes a lot more intriguing. With ESPN you can stay up to date with NFL news and game highlights through Sports Center, and 45% of College Football airs on ESPN. And of course, you’ll also get 30+ other channels, like AMC, HGTV, Comedy Central, and more.

Vidgo – ESPN and NFL Network on the Cheap
For $40 per month (with a free 3-day trial) you can get a package of 40+ great channels on Vidgo that covers nearly every NFL game of the season. It also includes tons of entertainment, news, and more!

Vidgo is a great newer service for cord-cutters. They have plans starting at $40 a month. This package includes ESPN, NFL Network, and much more. That means you’ll be able to watch some football games during the season, including Monday Night Football and Thursday Night Football. In other words, it’s a fantastic way to watch NFL games without cable if you can couple with an antenna.

And when there are no games on, Vidgo offers tons of options for the whole family. Everything from the latest TV shows to the nightly news is on Vidgo, and you can watch on all your favorite devices! Check out our Vidgo review for more info, or get started with a free 3-day trial!

Can I Stream NFL on Amazon Prime?
Yes, Amazon Prime subscribers can now watch many Thursday Night Football matches this season for FREE, directly from the Prime Video app. If you’re not already a Prime subscriber, you can start out with a free 30-day trial.

Amazon Prime is now the online streaming home for much of Thursday Night Football, sharing streaming rights with FOX and NFL Network. For the 2020 NFL season, Amazon Prime will host 11 TNF games, each of which will also simulcast on FOX and/or NFL Network. Amazon Prime costs $119 per year and includes free 2-day shipping on Amazon, free video streaming, and MUCH more.

CLICK HERE🔴NFL Football Live Stream Online

CLICK HERE🔴NFL Football Live Stream Online

What’s the Easiest Way to Watch NFL on a Smart TV?
Since smart TV’s support streaming apps, the easiest way to watch NFL games on a smart TV is to check out our list of NFL-friendly streaming services and find out if your TV supports them. Supported services vary by brand of smart TV, so you’ll need to check prior to signing up for a service. Here’s a quick guide on how to watch Hulu Live on your smart TV.

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